Custom Tarps

Custom Tarps

Looking for a custom tarp? We make custom tarps! Give Exclusive Tarps Your Measurements or else tell us your requirements and we will send one of our sales agent to have a look at the items that need to be covered.

Information About Benefits Of Custom Tarps

There are so many uses for custom tarps and a wide choice is available when it comes to the different materials, sizes and colors. There are many uses for which this type of covering is required. It can be for a professional operation or they can be ideal for personal use in your garden.

Information About Benefits Of Custom Tarps

You can choose the fabric which you consider to be the most effective for the circumstances. PVC tarps are heavy duty covers which make ideal rain covers for anything you want to store outside and avoid rust occurring. Not only are they waterproof, they are also tear resistant making them ideal to protect vehicles even in windy conditions. If you prefer to use more natural fibers then the canvas option may be the ideal choice. This is made from one hundred percent cotton single filled duck fabric. These are very heavy making them ideal for more severe weather conditions.

If you wish to cover an area which produces static electricity or is at risk of being set alight then a fire retardant covering is the ideal solution. You can find the perfect tarpaulin solution by choosing the fabric and the size. Whatever your needs are it is possible to make you the tarp that will do the job safely and efficiently. A custom made tarp does cost a bit more but for those special applications, they are essential.

Exclusive Tarps can custom make nearly any type of tarp. Custom tarps will be made at our in house facility in Jebel Ali All custom tarp sales are final. No refunds, returns, or exchanges.

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