Dunet Monofilament Knitted Shade Cloth

Dunet Monofilament Knitted Shade Cloth

Shade Factor: 73% & 90%

* Protection of Plants & Vegetables from Hail & Frost Damage
* Fencing
* Construction

Standard Sizes:
2m x 50m, 3m x 50m, 3.66m x 50m, 4m x 50m, 3m x 100m, 3.66m x 100m

Available Colors:
Green, Black, Blue, Beige

Shade Factor73%90%Test Method
Yarn Count500 D500 DBS3865
Weight/SQM190 Gsm240 Gsm 
Tensile StrengthWarp 60 Kg70 KgISO5082
Weft 73 Kg84 Kg 
Tensile ResistanceWarp 8.6 Kg12 KgISO4764
Weft 12.6 Kg18 Kg 
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