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Dunet – 95 Commercial Grade Knitted Shade Cloth

Dunet - 95 Commercial Grade Knitted Shade Cloth

Dunet – 95 Knitted Shade Cloth has been specifically developed to Produce a very Strong and stable outdoor Fabric for use in Tension Structures and shade Sails. This range offers the ultimate combination of maximum sun protection, Strength & durability to ensure maintenance free, long life performance.

Dunet – 95 provides Ideal shade solution for School Playgrounds, Car Parks, Sporting Facilities, Swimming Pools and other commercial applications.


shade net Dubai
shade nets Dubai
Knitted Lock Stitch ConstructionCombines monofilament and tape to produce a dimensionally stable fabric that will not tear or fry if cut.
Base MaterialHigh Density Polyethylene (HDPE). UV Stabilized to retain strength and flexibility
UV ProtectionProvides UVR Block from 91% to 98.8% to create a safe outdoor environment
Heat Set (Stinted)Produces a flat, stable fabric that is easy to fabricate
Roll Size3m x 50m (Centre Folded)
Weight340 Gsm
Warranty10 Years against UV Degradation
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