PE200 200 GSM

Dutarp - PE Tarpaulin 200, 250, 280 GSM

Dutarp – PE Tarpaulins are made of High Quality PE Fabric. Water proof, stabilized against ultraviolet rays & excess heat for long outdoor exposure.

Type:Reinforced PE Tarpaulin
Material:Made with HDPE fabric with both sides LDPE Lamination
Weave:14×14 Per Sq Inch
Material Weight:Min 200 grams / m2 (+/-5%)
Treatment:Stabilized against ultraviolet rays & excess heat for long outdoor exposure. Max 5% loss on original tensile strength under ISO1421 after 1500 hours UV Under ASTM 653/94
Tensile Strength:Min 600 N both directions of warp and weft (BS 2576, 50mm grab test or equivalent)
Tear Strength:Min 100 N both directions (BS 4303 Wing Tear or equivalent)
Flammability:Above 200 C Flash Point
Grommets:Provided with strong aluminum eyelets on 4 sides of the single sheet at 100 cms (+/-5cm) intervals center to center and reinforced with nylon ropes in hem.
Colour:Silver / Orange
FeetMetersWeight KGS
12FT X 12FT3.6M X 3.6M2.59
12FT X 15FT3.6M X 4.5M3.24
12FT X 18FT3.6M X 5.4M3.90
18FT X 24FT5.4M X 7.2M7.78
24FT X 24FT7.2M X 7.2M10.36
24FT X 30FT7.2M X 9.0M12.90
24FT X 48FT7.2M X 14.5M20.00
30FT X 30FT9.0M X 9.0M16.20
30FT X 40FT9.0M X 12M21.60
40FT X 40FT12M X 12M28.80
40FT X 60FT12M X 18M43.20
50FT X 60FT15M X 18M54.00
60FT X 60FT18M X 18M64.80​


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