PVC Machine Tarpaulin Covers

PVC Machine Tarpaulin Covers

Our Tarp Covers

  • Machine Cover Finished Size: Length (left to right) x width (front to back) x height (top to bottom)
  • Machine Cover Material and Colour: please see website for available tarp fabrics and colours.
  • Grommet placement and spacing (As Per Client Requirements). PVC Tarpaulin Fabric- Red, White, Blue, Green, Black, Yellow, Gray, Orange,
  • Canvas tarp fabrics: 16 oz, 18 oz, 20 oz 25oz Treated Water-Resistant Canvas tarp fabrics- Olive Green (16 oz, 20oz, 25oz), White (18 oz),
  • Clear PVC Vinyl Fabrics:  30 mm, 50 mm & 80mm clear PVC vinyl fabrics;

Recommended Heavy Duty Tarp Applications

The heavy duty tarps are highly recommended for agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors. These tarps are manufactured with strength and resistance to demanding work and severe weather conditions. So for jobs that need tougher tarps, choose from our line of heavy-duty tarps.

Our heavy duty tarps are often used for the following:

  • Covering vehicles, boats and RV’s for a long period of time.
  • Canopies and tents.
  • Covering a storm-stricken roof.
  • Keeping outdoor furniture safe from the elements, especially during winter.
  • Covering hay bales and woodpiles.

Some applications may not require heavy duty tarps. If you have projects and applications that are not so demanding, we recommend getting the light-duty tarps. We also recommend the light-duty tarps for short term use. You can save money on outdoor protection by getting lighter covers.

Qualities of Heavy Duty Tarps

Heavy duty tarps are designed to provide all-year protection. They can handle long-term applications. They will not deteriorate easily even when used outdoors for an extended period of time. All our heavy-duty tarps, Including the Cotton canvas tarps are waterproof. The heavy-duty canvas tarp can only provide water protection until it reaches its saturation point.

Our heavy-duty tarps are also resistant to tearing and abrasions. So even when used with aggregates or other items with rough surfaces and sharp and pointy edges, the covers will not get damaged easily. The heavy-duty vinyl tarps are covers which can be used for jobs with the presence of oil-based substances.

All our tarps have rust-resistant grommets. Even when exposed to rain, these rings will not stain the tarp. Use them with ropes or cords. These tie-downs are available here at Tarps Plus. See our Tarps Accessories section.

Exclusive Tarps Stocks Stock a extensive range of PVC Tarpaulin, PE Tarpaulin & Cotton Canvas Tarpaulin Alongside our range of PE Shade net (Shade Cloth)

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