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Nowadays, upholding a booming and growing garden in Dubai’s warm weather conditions can prove to be a challenge. Summer is the most challenging period for ant crop producers. With the fierce heat of the sun, protecting crops from significant damage becomes quite difficult for many garden owners in Dubai. There are many other reasons why plants might damage from physical protection in the summer. All of a sudden, you need a solution to protect your crops from harmful UV rays. So, what should you do now? What is it exactly? How can it help in your garden?

In recent decades, access to clean and modern farming has been a serious issue. Today, various products focus on making sure that agricultural activities can carried out safely and in the best way possible. There are many issues related to agriculture that need to addressed by using special techniques and ways. It is only farmers and those who cultivate crops understand the amount of care that the plants require and need. Therefore, innovation in the field of agriculture helps not only the crops to prosper but also eases the burden of many gardeners for growing the crops. One of these innovations is the shade net Dubai.


Like all living organisms, Ultraviolet rays of the sun can also cause much harm to plants and crops. According to recent research, exposure to UV radiation cause damage and kill the cells of living organisms badly. As they cause Cancer in human beings, similarly, they cause huge damage to the plants that are exposed to them. There is, however, the increase of UV radiation would be expected to affect crops. Several economically important species of plants lead to gross damage and threat to a plant’s survival due to UV rays.

Choose the Best One

During the warm summer months, the importance of shade nets cannot be ignored and the use of shade nets is also very common everywhere in the agricultural industry of Dubai city. If you are in search of a good shade net then you might want to speak to some shade net manufacturers and shade net suppliers to find out the benefits that their product is offering. Also, you can go through the shade net Dubai manufacturing process to see the purity of the material used in manufacturing the same. With innovation in this field, now shade nets Dubai can significantly control the harmful effects of UV rays on plants and keep them safe and sound.

Shade Net Dubai

Shade net Dubai

It is an easy yet powerful innovation that helps protect crops. As the name explains, shade nets in Dubai are used to provide crops with shade from the sun’s harsh rays. Though it is simple to understand that sun rays are the major requirement for the growth of plants and crops, it has also been seen that over-exposure to sun rays can damage the crops ultimately. This will happen due to the requirements of certain crops and plants are extremely fragile that do not need too much sun exposure. Moreover, certain agricultural locations are more prone to scorching sun rays than other places. In these places, the cultivation of many crops is unbearable. To cultivate fragile plants, you must take care of the crops well for their healthy growth. Shade Net Dubai is one such way to protect the crops.

Identifying Qualities

Shade Nets Dubai

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with farm shade nets, you can feel prepared when investing in new shade equipment. A pro tip: if you’re in search of an ideal shade net for your garden, look for the benefits and features which is offered by the net. It is important to remember that a good shade net must have high strength and should be durable. This will make you sure that it will not wear out soon and will last you several crop lives. Good shade net suppliers in Dubai can offer you customized shade nets as per the length and width required.

The biggest benefit and feature of shade net Dubai is the UV compensation feature that will eventually protect the crops against the harmful effects of UV radiation. These shades offer an optimum shade factor that protects the crops well and is technically designed for higher yield. If you’re living in Dubai, you can buy this shade net for big-scale agricultural processes, smaller nurseries, or even your beautiful little home and kitchen garden.

Shade Nets Dubai

Why choose shade net Dubai suppliers?

Shade Net Dubai suppliers have the most effective and affordable option of shades that can help you to protect your crops during the hot summer months in the City. Apart from that, these nets come in different densities and shades to produce high-quality yields that allow the farmers to choose the level of shade and protection according to the needs of the crops even during the hottest days.

How can shade net be used to help your garden?

Organic or not, plants do require the sun to grow and blossom, but each plant has different specifications for how much light and heat they ideally require. When Dubai weather starts to hit the hot summer months, shade net can provide farmers with a well-needed relaxing environment to spend their time tailoring and maintaining their gardens.

Why do Shade Nets have a positive impact on agriculture?

As we discussed above, shade nets are a specific type of net that plays a significant role in protecting plants from the scorching heat of the sun, especially during the summer season in the UAE. It is of massive significance for the plants that the temperature is optimal and the environment is friendly enough for enhancing the rate of production. It is accurately the solution where the shade nets come to protect the planet.

Where all shade nets can implemented to use in agriculture?

So, it can already understood how shade net can positively impact the production of crops. But, if you’re still not sure where these shades can used significantly, we’re here to guide you. They‘re best for greenhouses – vegetables, ornamentals, fruit trees, poultry farms, cattle sheds, playgrounds, mobile shade structures, swimming pools, garden balconies, and so on.

Does shade net reduce heat?

Yes, of course, choosing a low-density, knitted shade net, in a light color gives your crops protection from the heat. 

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