Shade netting in Dubai

Shade Net Privacy Fencing provides an effective solution for enhancing privacy and adding an extra layer of protection to various settings. With high-quality materials and customizable features, this fencing option offers versatility and durability for a range of applications.

 Privacy Fencing Dubai is a durable and customizable solution for achieving privacy and protection in various scenarios. Its high-quality construction, UV stabilization, and reinforcement features make it an ideal choice for commercial, residential, playground, greenhouse, and construction site applications.

Maximum UV Stabilization and Blockage:

The shade net privacy fencing Dubai is knitted with 100% high-quality PURE polyethylene material, ensuring maximum UV stabilization. It provides up to 90% UV protection, safeguarding against harmful rays. Additionally, the net offers up to 88% blockage, maintaining privacy and reducing visibility from outside.

Strengthened Sides:

The fencing features a 2’8″ knitted black hemming, which reinforces the sides and adds strength to the overall structure. This ensures that the fencing remains intact and can withstand various environmental conditions.


Rustproof Grommets for Easy Installation:

Copper or brass grommets are evenly placed vertically and horizontally on all four sides of the fencing. These grommets are rustproof and provide convenient attachment points for installation purposes. They allow for secure and hassle-free installation, accommodating customer requirements.


Extra Reinforcement at Corners:

Each corner of the shade net privacy fencing Dubai is equipped with three grommets, offering additional reinforcement. This ensures that the corners are reinforced and can withstand greater tension, making the fencing more durable and long-lasting.



  • Commercial Warehouse Fencing:

privacy fencing Dubai

The privacy fencing Dubai is ideal for creating enclosed areas within commercial warehouses. It provides privacy, enhances security, and effectively separates different sections, allowing for better organization and control.

  • Residential Fencing:

privacy fencing Dubai

Whether you want to enhance privacy in your backyard or create a barrier for specific areas, the shade net privacy fencing Abu Dhabi is a practical choice. It offers an aesthetically pleasing solution while maintaining privacy and protection for residential properties.

  • Children’s Playground Fencing:

Safety is paramount in children’s playgrounds, and shade net privacy fencing can serve as an effective boundary. It ensures a secure play area, minimizes visibility from outside, and adds an extra layer of protection for children. 

  • Greenhouses:

Shade Nets Dubai

Shade net privacy fencing finds applications in greenhouses, providing shading and privacy to protect delicate plants from excessive sunlight exposure. It helps regulate temperature, reduces UV radiation, and creates a controlled environment for optimal plant growth.

  • Construction Site Fencing:

Construction sites require secure perimeters, and the shade net privacy fencing offers a durable and customizable option. It enhances security, reduces the visibility of ongoing activities, and prevents unauthorized access.



In conclusion, Shade Net Privacy Fencing Abu Dhabi provides a comprehensive solution for enhancing privacy and adding an extra layer of protection in various settings. The use of high-quality PURE polyethylene material ensures maximum UV stabilization, offering up to 90% UV protection and up to 88% blockage. This ensures a safe and comfortable environment while minimizing visibility from outside.


The inclusion of a 2’8″ knitted black hemming strengthens the sides of the fencing, ensuring durability and resistance to environmental conditions. Rustproof copper or brass grommets provide convenient attachment points for easy installation.


Furthermore, the corners of the fencing reinforced with three grommets each, enhancing the overall stability and longevity of the structure. This extra reinforcement ensures that the fencing can withstand tension and maintain its integrity over time.

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