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For people who love gardening, it’s always nice to know a few handy garden tricks that will save you time and money. Any gardener knows that planting crops outside depends totally on weather conditions that must be suitable for seeds to take root and thrive. Today, with the advancement of new and innovative technology in the agriculture industry, new methods of sustainable living in everyday life is possible by operating a greenhouse. 

For those people living in Dubai who live in warmer climates, experiencing five months or more of summer each year, the benefits of greenhouse gardening can be enormous. As garden art comes into life deeply, gardening with a greenhouse allows for an extended growing season that can begin and end months outside of the traditional outdoor growing season in the city’s climate. Garden greenhouses with simple design are very popular in the UAE that is very convenient in using.  

Greenhouses may even allow you to grow plants year-round for private yards, balconies, and so on. But, it is no denying the fact that every single plant has varied needs for shade and sunshine. The shades can also provide a warmer mini-climate for plants that typically would not grow in the zone, allowing you to cultivate many varieties of plants that are unique to your area. However, by integrating special additives that break up direct light, shade net Dubai composed entirely of polyethylene that is specially designed to moderate the incoming UV rays. 


shade net Dubai

To utilize a greenhouse to the best of its ability and when growing plants in a greenhouse, it’s important to remember that the air temperature inside can be as much as 30 to 40 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. While hot air is wonderful for your plants during the cool months of winter and early spring, in the hot summer months in Dubai City, but, on the other hand, these temperatures can pose a real threat to your plants.

 When the temperature inside a greenhouse gets too high, keeping up the garden can be difficult and your plants can actually burn. In the hottest part of the summer, it’s a good idea to add a shade cloth Dubai to your greenhouse to help keep the inside temperatures down. This will accomplish some things. First, if a shade cloth Dubai  required, you’ll likely only need to cover the southern-facing side of the roof, saving you time, effort, and money in materials. 

Secondly, by having more roof area exposed to the intense southern sun, you’ll get a maximum amount of solar gain in your greenhouse during cooler months, when you desire it most. Additionally, if you can afford a greenhouse, thinking of a shade net Dubai will save you a fortune.


shade net Dubai

For those who enjoy vegetable gardening, another benefit of a greenhouse with a shade net is the ability to start vegetables from seed early in the year. Certainly, when planting crops on a larger scale, starting your plants from seed is a much more economical option. 

In the case of vegetables that grow well, such as tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, strawberries, and many herbs, a greenhouse with shades can be a way to grow your own produce year-round and save money on your grocery bill. One option is to start your vegetables in the greenhouse early in the year, and then move them outdoors during the warm summer months. However, it is important to remember that the best shade net contributes to the following:

Gives significant improvement in plants quality and higher yields

Fulfill the requirements of physical protection against wind, hail, birds, and bats

Micro-climate control

Protection against sunburn and abrasion

Choosing shade net Dubai will save a fortune in a way that it is easy to wash, does not get decay, easy to relocate, is ideal for gardens and home terrace gardening, and minimizes plant hassle to avoid damage to plants.


After immersing yourself in the overwhelming amount of information, you might agree now that a greenhouse can be a significant up-front investment, but the rewards of greenhouse gardening with shade net Dubai are almost endless. Ultimately, your greenhouse with shade net Dubai will pay you back with new and unique varieties of plants, bigger and better harvests, and a wealth of invaluable gardening experience!


  • Is a Greenhouse with shade net Dubai a Good Idea for Your Garden?

Yes, greenhouses with shade net Dubai can be beautiful and useful structures for a gardener. If you have ever wondered if it would be worth it or not to have these shades in your greenhouse garden, it can make sure that they are ideally suited for the intended purpose of use.

  • What is the Purpose of a Greenhouse?

As a gardener, greenhouses serve as a shield between nature and what you are growing and thus allow growing seasons to be extended as well as possibly improved. They provide shelter from excess cold or heat as well as protect the crops. Or, if too much heat is a problem in Dubai City, a greenhouse can help you create or regulate a more temperate environment for plants by adding a cooling mechanism.

  • How do you build a greenhouse?

So, if you’re looking to build a greenhouse, there are many factors you’ll need to consider. The first thing to decide is what type of greenhouse you want to build and why you want to build it in the first place. These are just a few things to think first like where are you going to build it? What is the purpose of your greenhouse? Who are you trying to benefit from the greenhouse? You should also choose the best type of soil to implement inside your greenhouse.

  • Why use a greenhouse shade?

There are many advantages of using shades for greenhouses, including having a controlled environment to grow plants in, year-round growing seasons, and more control over nutrient levels in the soil. Greenhouses also allow you to grow plants in areas where the hot climate in Dubai city makes outdoor cultivation more difficult. Greenhouses protect plants from extreme conditions, pests, and diseases. Many shading greenhouse growers rely on the long-term benefits of shaded greenhouses, often using the same greenhouses year after year and saving ample money. This is because shaded greenhouse structures are mostly built with durability in mind and can last for years. This can control your initial investment but may require a higher initial cost due to shaded greenhouse building expenses.  




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