Dutarp Cotton Canvas - Tarpaulin 16,20,25 OZ SQM

Cotton Canvas WP20OZ & WP25OZ has a very high tensile strength as well as a good dimensional stability. In addition, it features a low absorbing and water retention level. These main features come from the combination of Premium quality cotton natural fibers.

Tents, Tarpaulins, Equipment Covers for Outdoor applications

Tarpaulins Tarpaulins Tarpaulins

Product Code WP160Z WP20OZ WP25OZ
Base Fabric 100% Cotton Canvas 100% Cotton Canvas 100% Cotton Canvas
Color Olive Green Olive Green Olive Green
Quality 16-OZ/Sqm 20-OZ/Sqm 25-OZ/Sqm
Construction 10/2 x10/2 12/3 x 12/3 10/4 x 10/4
Weave 48x26 (Plain Weave) 46x32 (Plain Weave) 38x24 (Plain Weave)
Width 180 Cm 150 Cm 180 Cm