Dunet Flat Filament Knitted Shade Cloth (SSGB6E)

Dunet (SSGB6E) Knitted shade Cloth provides an ultimate protection against U.V Rays with maximum 90% Shade Factor under extreme weather conditions. Suitable for Fencing (Privacy Screen), Agriculture, Green Houses, Shelter at Public places.

The practical unit of lbf was expressed together with N (Newton). The conversion factor for N (Newton) from lbf is 4.44822. Test area 7.3 cm3

Available Colours:
Dark Green and Beige

Product Dunet – Knitted Shade Cloth (SSGB6E)
Material H.D.P.E Tape/Mono
Size 3Mtr x 50Mtr
ASTM D 3776:2009
180 Gr / Sqm
Shade Factor 90%
Tensile Strength
ASTM D 5034:2009 C.R.E Grab Test Method
Warp Weft
513.7 N (115.5 lbf) 611.9 N (137.6 lbf)
ASTM D 5034:2009 C.R.E Grab Test Method
49.3 N 30.3 N
Tearing Strength
ASTM D 5587:2008 C.R.E TRAPEZOID Method
99.4 N 113.0 N
Bursting Strength
ASTM D 3786:2009 DIAPHRAM Method
1627.9 kPa (236.1 psi)
Puncture Resistance
ASTM D 6797:2007 C.R.E Ball Bursting Method
872.0 N (195.6 lbf)